I started writing The Web of Aoullnnia some twenty five years ago, probably in part in order to project into the future various  issues that the society of the time was grappling with, and thus perhaps get a  more ‘objective’ grip on them (because of the distancing and amplification).  Environmental concerns surface as the ‘Amoeba plague’ and ‘poisoning of the atmosphere’ during the Abyss, and the impacts of feminism and robotics get reflected, in amplified form, in the structure of Yilkin’s society where ‘mefam’ (future ‘males’) exist more or less on the edge of a society entirely dominated by ‘fam’ and increasingly also by AEEs (Artificially Engendered Entities).
I gave one or two performances before a small audience which, via me, posed Yilkin Isellyion questions about society in the middle of the 23rd century. Since I couldn’t know in advance what questions would be asked, this obliged me to greatly extend my ‘knowledge’ of the Magnatte Conglomerate on Sarwhirlia (the Earth) around 2250.

I have occasionally wondered whether the personage Yilkin Isellyion actually in some sense exists. If we employ the actuality grading of his own era, Yilkin should probably be situated in the ‘Manifest Non-Occurrent’, a domain which has somewhat less reality than that in which (we think) we live, but which is certainly not wholly fictitious since it can give rise to very real effects.

In any case,  the past ‘transmissions’ stopped abruptly, largely because Yilkin had reached an impasse in his odyssey which, I suppose, reflected a personal psychological impasse. He (Yilkin) supposedly ‘knows something’ but ‘does not know what it was he knows’ — an interesting predicament. Some years later, with technology advancing at such a giddy pace that I can hardly keep abreast, let alone ahead, of the present era, Yilkin I. Isellyion is once more in contact and has transmitted two or three more episodes (not yet posted on this website). In the last of these, he enters the ‘Lake of Souls’ on Mortalysium, ferried there — somewhat, though not entirely, against his will — by the mysterious personage known as the Gondolier. As yet, Yilkin Isellyion has not transmitted what, if anything, he has learned down there.

I shall be giving two public ‘performances’ entitled Transmissions from the Future,  during the Shaftesbury Fringe Festival 2016, the first on Saturday July 2nd at 4pm in the Friends Meeting House, Shaftesbury, Dorset, and the second on Sunday July 3rd at 2 pm in The Potting Shed, Shaftesbury.  

Acknowledgment: The image appearing as Header for this site is a reproduction of the painting Looking  Towards Ixtlan by Jane Maitland (June Mitchell).