Yilkin’s Predicament

The posts on this blog emanate from Yilkin I. Isellyion, a straylkha player living in the 23rd century (our reckoning). While in solitary confinement on the artificial orb, Mortalysium,  Yilkin starts playing around with ‘backwards space-time transmission’ originally just to while away the time. To his surprise, he eventually  makes contact with someone in the early 21st century (namely myself), hence this site.
Yilkin lives at a climactic moment in our species’ history since the ‘Age of the Parthenogens’ which has brought peace and stability to Sarwhirlia (the Earth)  for over two hundred years is apparently about to come to an end. The future of this future society is uncertain and various groups are positioning themselves to move into the vacuum once the Magnatte disperse. Somewhat to his own surprise and alarm, Yilkin Isellyion is regarded as ‘someone who knows something’, perhaps implanted in his brain by the mysterious Xinthia during intense ‘depth exchanging’ shortly before her disappearance. The trouble is Yilkin has no idea ‘what it is he knows’. Will he eventually find out and save the Conglomerate and the species?

I have arranged the material (which is still arriving sporadically) into ‘chapters’ and tried to stitch the various transmissions together into a more or less coherent narrative.

I gave public readings of excerpts during the 2016 Shaftesbury Fringe Festival  under the title Transmissions from the Future  when members of the audience were able to pose questions to Yilkin Isellyion  via a ‘space-time link’ and I shall be repeating this for the 2017 Shaftesbury Fringe Festival at 3 pm July 1st at Turnbull’s, Shaftesbury     SH